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The Givens Law Firm is Ray Givens. In over 30 years of practicing law, Mr. Givens has represented tribal and individual interests. He has appeared in all levels of the court system, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. Givens' representations have included a variety of topics including tribal sovereignty, lake ownership/water rights, pollution cleanup, Indian gaming, taxation, inpidual rights, voters’ rights and utilities.

The keys to the successful results Mr. Givens has obtained for Tribes are:

  • The ability to work with tribal leadership and staff to present a unified battle plan consistent with tribal goals and traditions.
  • The ability to reduce complex projects to simple, obtainable segments.
  • The ability to move reluctant federal bureaucrats, their agencies and others to positions compatible with the Tribe’s.
  • The ability to use litigation strategically — not as an end in itself, but as a component of a comprehensive tribal strategy.
  • The ability to win at all levels, even the U.S. Supreme Court.

Sometimes the opinions of others are helpful.  As David Matheson, a tribal leader, former head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian gaming CEO said, “Whether the issue is water, land, treaty, environment, or gaming, Mr. Givens possesses a unique command and understanding of the law, and just exactly how to strategically craft the best argument for tribal victory.”

The cornerstone of all tribal representation is the protection of tribal sovereignty.  The Givens Law Firm can provide tribal leaders and staff with the reasoned advice and careful counsel needed for the most difficult tribal projects and lawsuits.

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