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BasketQuality legal representation takes a great deal of time.  Consequently it is very expensive.  This places an obvious burden on tribal leaders who are faced with so many critical needs.  Over the years Mr. Givens has used a two-pronged approach to make quality legal services affordable to Tribes.  First, Mr. Givens has kept his hourly rates low compared to other attorneys across the country with comparable experience and success.  Second, every effort is made to find “other people’s money” or alternative funding approaches to pay for the legal services rendered.

The alternative financing approaches for large tribal projects have included:

  • Assisting the Tribe in writing and applying for federal litigation grants from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other agencies.
  • Making private companies which wish to do business with the Tribe pay the Tribe’s legal costs, both at the development stage and then on an ongoing basis if the Tribe chooses to do business with that company.
  • Settling a damage claim with one of the less liable parties to obtain the funds necessary to finance the suit against those more liable and with deeper pockets.
  • Using contingent fee arrangements in appropriate cases where no attorney fees are charged on an ongoing basis and nothing is due if the case is lost, but the attorney takes a substantial percentage of any recovery.
  • Obtaining a court order or agreement at the end of the lawsuit requiring the losing party to reimburse the Tribe for all legal fees and costs incurred.

The goal of the Givens Law Firm is that the legal services needed by the Tribe be provided in a manner the Tribe can afford.

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