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Pollution Cleanup

Mr. Givens has used a unique blend of litigation and administrative advocacy to bring about, the cleanup of the restoration of tribal natural resources and cleanup of tribal homeland at three of the largest Superfund sites in the country.  Hanford, Portland Harbor, and Coeur d'Alene Basin.Pollution Cleanup 

  • Coeur d’Alene Tribe v. Asarco, et al., 280 F Supp 2d. 1094 (2003) (Finding mining companies liable for pollution of Coeur d'Alene Basin) Largest NRD Superfund case to ever go to trial.  
  • Yakima Nation v. DOE U.S. District Court Eastern District Washington.  Cleanup of U.S. Hanford Nuclear Site - Cold War plutonium production facility.
  • Portland Harbor Cleanup - cooperative cleanup of harbors at Portland, Oregon
  • In re Gulf Resources Bankruptcy, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Idaho (1995) ($20 + million of bankrupt’s assets paid to United States and Coeur d'alene Tribe for cleanup of mine pollution.
  • In re Union Pacific Abandonment, 35 F.3d 585 (1994), and related proceedings (Railroad paying over $25 million to clean up and cap 75 miles of abandoned, polluted rail line, covert it into bike trail and pay Couer d'alene Tribe and State to maintain it) (partner negotiated settlement).

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