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Voters’ Rights  

EagleMr. Givens has successfully fought to protect the people’s right to vote on several fronts.  When anti-gaming advocates tried to block the people of his state from voting on initiatives which would authorize gaming (most recently a tribally proposed gaming initiative), Mr. Givens twice convinced the state supreme court to let the people vote.

When the state legislature gerrymandered new legislative districts to protect their own incumbency, Mr. Givens convinced the court to throw out the legislature’s plan and adopt a fair one.  When his state eventually chose to have a bipartisan commission draw new legislative districts, Mr. Givens was appointed one of the six commissioners and was instrumental in ensuring that the new plan respected the interests of Tribes, tribal voters and all minorities.

  • Noh v. Cenarrusa and Stensgar, 53 P.3d. 1217 (Idaho 2002) (Won -  Court allowed people to vote on Tribe’s Indian Gaming Initiative). 
  • Associated Taxpayers of Idaho v. Cenarrusa, 725 P.2d 526 Idaho (1986) (Amicus) (Won - allowed Initiative to be voted upon prior to determining challenge to constitutionality of proposed statute).
  • Hellar v. Cenarrusa I, II, III, 664 P.2d 765 (Idaho 1983), 682 P.2d 539 (Idaho 1984), 682 P.2d 524 9Idaho 1984) (Won - Court voided Idaho Legislature’s 1982 reapportionment plan, adopted plan proposed by client and awarded client over $100,000 in attorney fees.  Client garnished sales tax collected by Albertsons when State refused to pay attorney fees).
  • 2001-2 Redistricting Commission (Six-member Commission adopted congressional and legislative district boundaries after 2000 census).

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