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Buffalo SkullMr. Givens has been engaged in a wide variety of utility matters, ranging from assisting in the beginning stages of negotiations on behalf of a tribe seeking compensation for hydroelectric water storage on a tribally owned lake, to utility rate cases and utility regulatory practices.

  • Equal Water Rights Ass’n v. City of Coeur d’Alene , 715 P.2d 917 (1985) (City utility rate case.  Won on discriminatory water rate issue at trial, lost on damage claim).
  • Washington Water Power Rate Case , IPUC (1977) (Mixed - PUC allowed some rate increase, but not as much as utility requested).
  • Idaho State Bar Ass’n v. Idaho Public Utilities Commission , 637 P.2d 1168 (1981) (Won - allowed officials of consumer groups to appear in PUC proceedings without an attorney).
  • Idaho Power v. Idaho Public Utilities Commission , 639 P.2d 442 (1981) (Lost - PUC could not award attorney fees to consumer group pursuant to federal statute).

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